Switching Races

Can I switch races?

You may switch from your current Wicked Weekend race to a different distance that weekend, however you will not receive a refund if the race to which you are switching has a lower registration fee.  If you are switching from the Mile to the 10K, you must pay the difference in race fee from what you initially paid for your original category to your new race category at the time of the switch. If you are changing from a single race to a challenge, you must pay the cost of the new race plus $5.  You can only switch into events that are open.  Once an event sells out, you will not be able to switch into it.

Starting October 8th there will be a $15.00 fee to switch your race entry. If you are switching from the mile to the 10K, or from a single race to the challenge, you will pay the difference in entry fees PLUS the $15.00 switch fee.

How to Switch?

Option 1:

Login to your J&A Racing Participant Account: Click Here

Don’t have an account yet? Click Here

Option 2:

Call (800) 392-1524 or email support@hakusports.com. We promise a real, live person will be on the other end to ensure you get amazing customer support!

Option 3:

Contact J&A Racing at 757-412-1056.

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